There's a Hero In the Dock

Tomorrow, June 5, after some four years of an unenviable ordeal, I. Lewis Libby, a brilliant man, a dedicated public servant and the father of two young children, will stand in the dock before U.S. District Court judge Reggie Walton to be sentenced for what a jury found constituted perjury, obstruction and false statements to government investigators and a grand jury. Leaving aside, for the purpose of this discussion, the significant flaws in the investigation and trial, the continuing questions about the veracity of the prosecution's witnesses and the thin and contradictory evidence against him, the question now is what is the proper punishment?To the obvious fury of the prosecution, the Probation Department has filed a report full of praise for the defendant-his long history of decency and assistance to others and his dedicated and hard work - and has suggested that under the now advisory-only sentencing guidelines, his sentence should be no more than 15 - 21 months. Further it...(Read Full Article)