No More Land for War in Israel

Part OneThe decisive rout of Fatah in Gaza last week has led to a series of calls for new strategies designed to seize the opportunity created by the sudden turn of events. The current thinking among the world's leading "peace processors" is that  Hamas should be isolated in Gaza, but for Israel to work closely with the Fatah-led Abbas government in the West Bank to structure a new relationship, with Israel taking concrete steps to prop up Abbas - easing roadblocks,  releasing funds, and most significantly,  pulling back from much of the area.  Abbas' Arab allies, and the US or EU will also be asked to supply weaponry to Fatah, much as they supplied Fatah in Gaza with tens of thousands of rifles, and millions of rounds of ammunition, now all lost to Hamas forces. At the same time, Israel's feckless Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is floating  the prospect of returning the Golan Heights to Syria in exchange for the Assad regime's disassociating itself from...(Read Full Article)