No More Land for War in Israel: Part 2

Part 1 may be read hereThe difficult part of commenting on the Israeli Palestinian conflict has never been in assigning blame for what has gone wrong.  Rather, it has been in trying to come up with rational and creative policy suggestions and alternatives to the many failed approaches of the past decades. The recent events in Gaza provide some clarification as to what is still in the realm of the possible between the two parties and what is not. This article examines the two approaches  to resolving the conflict that have received the most attention in recent years: 1. the so-called two state solution of Israel and Palestine (living side by side in peace and security, a phrase that always goes with this formulation); and2. the single bi-national state of Israel/Palestine (the post-apartheid South African reconciliation solution) pushed by many pro-Palestinian advocates, and an increasing number of people on the left, including the Jewish left. It is my view that both of...(Read Full Article)