Eurabia: 'Conspiracy' or Policy?

America must reckon with the reality of a long term project to create a Euro-Arab alliance based on far-reaching cultural integration measures. Yet some dismiss the warnings of those who speak of the dangers for America as the ravings of conspiracy theorists. Phillip Jenkins, in his recently released book God's Continent makes the following statement:... the forces driving Muslim immigration were so overwhelming that there is no reason to imagine the conspiracy theory devised by Bat Ye'or and since popularized by Oriana Fallaci and others, which suggests that European elites collaborated with Arab states to create a Eurabian federation spanning the Mediterranean. Given the economic forces demanding labor and the political factors conditioning supply, it would be difficult to imagine any outcome much different from what actually occurred.Sadly, and not so "incidentally", this reductio ad absurdum argument -- focused inappropriately on the secondary issue of...(Read Full Article)