The Legacy of Jerry Falwell

If the United States is a divided nation then it was probably Jerry Falwell who divided it.Before the rise of Jerry Falwell, Governor Ronald Reagan signed a law legalizing abortion for the state of California and nobody thought anything about it.  The United States Supreme Court voted 7 to 2 on Roe v. Wade thinking it was just tidying up what had already been decided in the body politic.You could say that with Roe v. Wade liberals had just about finished up the engraving on their moral get-out-of-jail-free card.  Anything that well-born liberals wanted to do was now OK: sex, drugs, art, divorce, abortion, spirit-searching, activism, all no problem, all justified by German philosophy or psychology, and now confirmed by the United States Supreme Court.Then along came Jerry Falwell and said that it was all wrong.  No wonder they hated him.But to Jerry Falwell, his legacy was not the political battle of the Moral Majority but his Liberty University and the 10,000 people he...(Read Full Article)