Schwarzenegger Should Terminate His health Care Plan

I didn't anticipate that when I commented on the plan in California to impose taxpayer-financed universal health coverage that it would prompt a correspondence exchange between Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. But that's what happened following my article in January here at The American Thinker, "Governor Schwarzenegger Should Go to Nashville." In his state-of-the-state message, Gov. Schwarzenegger announced his intention to implement a state health insurance plan to cover all residents, including illegal aliens. I noted that a similar plan, TennCare, had been tried in the state of Tennessee, nearly pushing the state into bankruptcy and taxpayers into open revolt. If anything was universal about TennCare, it was that the program was universally reviled, even by recipients, as reports of rampant fraud and gross abuse were commonplace in the Tennessee media.When taxpayers learned of the plan to push through a state income tax plan to...(Read Full Article)