Scarred for Life

Alec Baldwin's 11-year-old daughter may be scarred for life by his much publicized telephone rage, many commentators agree.  At least he has apologized. But perhaps Baldwin is the one who will be scarred for life-from his divorce from actress Kim Basinger.  After all who are more easily scarred: Pampered celebrities or pampered celebrity children?One thing is for sure.  Many people in our modern world believe that children and teenagers are more than usually fragile.  Presumably that's why we protect and control them with a forest of laws and custodial measures like compulsory education.Back in 1800, observes Richard Epstein in The Case Against Adolescence, there were almost no laws directed at children.  But starting in 1850 we started to write laws to restrict the behavior of children under eighteen, about one law every two years.Since 1960 the lid has blown off. In the past half century over 100 laws have been written in the United States to restrict the...(Read Full Article)