Postmodernism and the Bible: Conclusion

This article is Part Eight, the conclusion to the series on postmodernism and the Bible. I chose the Bible as the focus of the series, since it is a cornerstone of western civilization. The last segment, below the recap, explains that people do not generally give up on their religion for secularism. Therefore, the Bible must be explained. It must be protected from assaults from the Left, both the religious and the secular, and from charges of corruption leveled by a particular religion. Part One  laid out the major themes and definitions of the series. Everyone has a small degree of skepticism in him or her. However, postmodernists take things to extremes. So I attached the prefix "hyper" to "skepticism." The postmodernists are also transmogrifiers. This odd and big word means "a great change or alteration, often with humorous or grotesque effect." They have transmogrified the fine art and literature of modernism. Who are the postmodernists? Two...(Read Full Article)