Kosovo, Albania and Jihad

I don't know Patrick but I read his AT article "Kosovo and Antijihad Bigotry" and I have to say, he is spot on. I deployed to Kosovo with the 101st on Valentine's Day, 2000 as part of the first unit rotation in country after the initial US deployment. I read the book Balkan Ghosts  to prepare myself somewhat for the deployment. (On a side note, just as liberals complain the US army is sending people to Iraq unprepared because they have just arrived at a unit and had no regional training, so it is that I went to Kosovo under "Clinton's Army" but with much less mission-specific training. It's a war, not a college curriculum.) After reading the book about the history of the region and its multicultural warring, I was completely surprised at the Kosovo that awaited me. First, I must say, the Kosovar women are stunning. But in an odd twist, they had poor dental care. So it was not uncommon to see a woman who could be easily strutting on a Paris runway sans her...(Read Full Article)