George Soros and the Future of the World Bank

As Paul Wolfowitz struggles to retain his post as President of the World Bank in the face of a trumped up faux scandal engineered by his opponents (the outlines of which have been the subject of various Wall Street Journal exposes (here, here, and here), a grim scenario becomes possible, should he be forced from his position. Wolfowitz has never been a favorite of the mandarins in the elite diplomatic corps. He will be forever associated and never forgiven for his involvement in the Iraq War. His resolute attitude - a zero-tolerance attitude - toward the corruption that has wasted billions of aid dollars has ruffled too many who have adopted a laissez faire attitude toward bribery and cronyism and indifference to the bleak future of those who never see the aid that is channeled to overseas bank accounts.Historically, the presidency of the World Bank has gone to an American (the United States is the largest shareholder of the Bank), while the top position at a sister institution,...(Read Full Article)