Bent On Evil

There exists no simple formula to define or classify a multiple killer like Cho Seung-hui, the killer at Virginia Tech. Gun culture, violent films and video games are certainly aggravating factors in modern criminal violence, but they are surely not the only cause, or else shootings like the one at Virginia Tech would be happening more often - taking into consideration how many young people have access to such violent material. Interestingly, there is a potential correlation between a mass murderer and a terrorist suicide bomber; both are often dissatisfied with society, both want revenge, both want to be immortalized on their way out. And just as suicide bombers come from all walks of life, so do mass murderers. Banning guns might seem like a nifty solution for apparatchiks of various anti-gun advocacy groups, but in reality it would not have much effect on such mass murders. In fact, if someone had been carrying a gun on them in Norris Hall to use in self defense, Cho might have...(Read Full Article)