The Muslim Brotherhood's Propaganda Offensive

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is heightening its U.S. propaganda offensive in advance of the 2008 presidential elections, taking advantage of the political uncertainty and opposition to the current Administration's defense policies against radical Muslim terrorist organizations and states.  Incredibly, "Hear Out the Muslim Brotherhood," an op-ed in the Boston Globe on Sunday March 25, portrayed the outlawed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood as a reforming tool to promote democracy and stability there and throughout the Middle East, and praised the MB for "surviving" decades of oppression by previous Egyptian regimes. However, a referendum on March 26, 2007 in Egypt banned "the creation of political parties based on religion." The MB, the biggest opposition group boycotted the vote and later criticized the results because of low voter turnout.The MB, which is illegal in Egypt, Libya and Syria, operates in at least 70 countries. It is busy preparing the ground...(Read Full Article)