The Ancient Persian Empire

Tensions between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the West have been heightening. After years of appeasement in the hope of getting something in exchange, Western leaders now seem to have realized that multilateral talks on the nuclear issue inevitably lead nowhere. Hence, the idea of imposing UN sanctions is gaining consensus among the once-reluctant Europeans. No doubt that the Ahmadinejad factor is playing a significant role in further isolating Iran from the rest of the world. The international community and public opinion are growing suspicious of the Mullahs' plans, and they are right to be. In every international dispute between two sides, psychological war is the rule, not the exception. In the case of the Iranian nuclear issue, we are witnessing just such an example: threats of an imminent military strike by the United States and Israel, naval maneuvers in the Persian Gulf and so on. But the reality is much more complicated, and it looks as if...(Read Full Article)