Shoplifting Secrets

This is not a guide to shoplifting, but about the wholesale theft of U.S. strategic material and its consequences. Increasingly, American classified information and material is being compromised, either through espionage, outright theft or though negligence creating a serious breach in Western security. What seems amazing is that all this is hardly making any impression on those in charge of U.S. strategic security.For example, in an article only briefly noted on April 2, 2007, under the banner: Computers missing at anti-spy agency:  20 desktop computers, at least 14 of which contained classified material on nuclear weapons design, are unaccounted for, and one computer reported destroyed is still in use, while others in operation are not even listed in their inventory.What makes this report doubly disconcerting is that this is the 13th time in just over four years an audit has shown that the Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology has lost...(Read Full Article)