Democrat Dreams and GOP Weakness

These are dark days for the GOP. Chris Cillizza, the Washington Post's political prognosticator, is starting to talk seriously of the Democrat's being in position to obtain a filibuster-proof majority  of 60 seats in the Senate after the 2010 election, and possibly after the 2008 elections. Cillizza admits that the 2008 scenario is a bit far fetched: the Democrats would have to defeat GOP incumbents in Maine (Susan Collins), Oregon (Gordon Smith), New Hampshire (John Sununu) and Minnesota (Norm Coleman), win the open seat in Colorado, and then win four other seats, either additional open seats  in states where  GOP senators might be retiring: New Mexico (Pete Domenici), Virginia (John Warner). Mississippi (Thad Cochran), Nebraska (Chuck Hagel), and Oklahoma (Jim Inhofe) or spring upsets against other incumbents seen as less vulnerable at the moment: North Carolina (Liddy Dole) or Kentucky (Mitch McConnell).   And there is one other thing Cillizza acknowledges...(Read Full Article)