Democrats and the Politics of Fear

Ever since the 1960s the Democrats have won about ninety percent of the black vote in presidential elections.  Sometimes it's less, when John Kerry got 88 percent of the black vote in 2004.  Sometimes it's right on the button, when  Al Gore got 90 percent in 2000.How do you get 90 percent of anyone to vote for one side or the other?You have to make them afraid.Back in the 1960s when Democrats bestrode the political world like gods they decreed an end to the politics of fear.  They forbade the naked appeal to racial and religious fears and decreed a new era of universal tolerance.  It was, of course, convenient for them at the time.  Shaming the politics of religious hate helped them elect John F. Kennedy to the presidency.  And shaming the politics of racial hate helped them bring in the civil rights acts.None the less, it was the right thing to do.But then things started to go wrong for the Democrats.  The unemployed working stiffs of the...(Read Full Article)