Germany's Anti-American Neurosis

A neurotic obsession is like a bone stuck in your throat. You can't swallow it and you can't spit it out. That is how the German media are hooked on America. It doesn't look quite sane. For Americans, the best web guide to the German media is davids medienkritik. (David's media critique). What you find out on this passionately written site, devoted to fighting anti-American hatred, is that something very weird is going on between the Lowlands and Poland. Something neurotic, in tens of millions of minds. And while we know that you can't always generalize from media madness to ordinary people, we also know that the media swing a huge weight of influence. So when the German Organs of Propaganda go weird and hateful, get ready to worry. Really. The examples of obsessive anti-Americanism are all over big German news magazines like Spiegel and Stern. For instance, 1. The Statue of Liberty with a death's head instead of the Romantic goddess of liberty. 2. A close-up of the American flag...(Read Full Article)