Unworthy Heirs to Cyrus

Sadly, the legacy of one of the world's greatest civilizations is in peril, as vandals control the territory once ruled by giants.If there were a debate among historians of ancient civilizations with topic being the relative greatness of Greek and Persian civilizations, it would without any doubt be a very heated contest. On the one side, pro-Greek scholars could claim that Alexander was a heroic leader who conquered and invaded foreign lands to rescue them from what he thought were "barbarians". Another major assertion might be that ancient Greece was an example of enlightened democracy for those times. On the other side, experts in Iranian history highlight the Persians' important contributions to the world and the merits of its leaders. Dating back to several dozen centuries before the birth of Islam, the Persian Empire was the most extensive in the ancient Middle East. One of its leaders, Cyrus the Great, was the author of the first Universal Declaration of Human Rights...(Read Full Article)