Global Warming's Globalist Backers

The other shoe has dropped concerning global warming. Fasten your seat belts: an "international authortity" to act as enforcer has been demanded. Concurrent with the release of the International Panel on Climate Control's "report" (actually a twenty-page "summary for policy makers" with the report itself to be released eventually, maybe in April, maybe in May), we have a demand for an international authority to be set up to police compliance, voiced by none other than Jacques Chirac and seconded by no less than 45 countries. As yet no goals or specific regulations have been designated. But rest assured that "experts" will be consulted to spare us from the menace of carbon dioxide. International authorities of this type, with full police powers and answerable to no one, are a venerable daydream of the UN bureaucracy and, not coincidentally, of the left at large. Kofi Annan's calls for taxation power and an independent army for the UN are...(Read Full Article)