Where`s the Beef?

In the mid 1980`s the Wendy's Hamburger chain ran an attention-grabbing advertising campaign in which an octogenarian (who sounded amazingly like Helen Thomas) bellyached about the stingy amount of meat on her sandwich; "where`s the beef?" became a nationally known slogan, and embodied the prosperity of our nation. We were red blooded Americans, by God, proud and vigorous, with hearty appetites for red blooded all American beef! In many ways, this advertising campaign embodied part of what it means to be an American; beef lies at the heart of our cuisine, and was the staple of the cowboy, the cavalrymen, the settlers on the Great Plains. The Texas Longhorn wandering the dusty backcountry of the Lone Star State was the symbol of American grit, American independence and cussedness.  The dairy farms with their quaint barns and quiet pastoral scenes in Wisconsin or Iowa were a part of Americana as were the great open ranches of Montana, or the boxcars transporting...(Read Full Article)