Two Good Guys and the Other G Word

Super Bowl XLI has lots of folks excited, and with one week to go before the big game, lots of predictable story lines about the teams, coaches, and cities are in the media. Indianapolis has never had a team in the Super Bowl before and only once before had a team in a championship series in a major sport (the Pacers in 2001). The Bears have not been to the big game for 21 years.  Stock market enthusiasts are already grinning from one wallet pocket to the next since two original NFC teams will be playing each other, which strongly suggests an up year in the market. As some know, the year before a Presidential election is almost always a good year in the market, so with this indicator, and the Super Bowl market test, the evidence is so strong that the market will run up that you should put down your computer, call your broker, and get the buy orders in now (note: this is not real investment advice, and should not be taken as such!) .The biggest story line is the race of the two...(Read Full Article)