The Unbearable Lightness of Being Obama

We are nuts. Or at least the MSM are. Here is the United States of America, five years after the biggest armed assault on the American homeland since the War of 1812, when the White House was burned by the Redcoats. Five years ago the White House and Congress were barely spared, but only because the passengers on Flight 93 took matters into their own hands, and died as a result. We now have millions of hyperactive enemies around the world  who are sworn to repeat that attack with bigger and bigger bombs,  until the United States is dead --- unless we surrender to a throwback creed straight out of the 7th century Arabian desert. Our sworn enemies are constantly infiltrating the West, and nobody can stop them from flooding London, Paris and Berlin. Our "allies" in Europe are helping by feverishly blaming us, hoping that the crocodile will eat them last. Russia is turning into a mafia state, openly assassinating its enemies in London and Eastern Europe. The West is...(Read Full Article)