The Unbearable Lightness of Being Obama

We are nuts. Or at least the MSM are. Here is the United States of America, five years after the biggest armed assault on the American homeland since the War of 1812, when the White House was burned by the Redcoats. Five years ago the White House and Congress were barely spared, but only because the passengers on Flight 93 took matters into their own hands, and died as a result.

We now have millions of hyperactive enemies around the world  who are sworn to repeat that attack with bigger and bigger bombs,  until the United States is dead --- unless we surrender to a throwback creed straight out of the 7th century Arabian desert. Our sworn enemies are constantly infiltrating the West, and nobody can stop them from flooding London, Paris and Berlin. Our "allies" in Europe are helping by feverishly blaming us, hoping that the crocodile will eat them last. Russia is turning into a mafia state, openly assassinating its enemies in London and Eastern Europe. The West is paralyzed.

Nuclear weapons are now spreading to fourth-rate tyrants like Kim and Ahmadinejad and Chavez.  We still have no defense against ballistic missiles because our liberals just never cottoned to the idea. And our only vigorous response to the mass terror attack of 9/11/01 is grinding to a halt in Iraq, not for any failure of our military, but due to open sabotage by our Leftist media and the Demagogue Party, which now controls the US Congress. 

The election of 2008 will therefore be one of the most consequential ones in American history - comparable to Lincoln in 1860.  And what do we get from our brain-dead media? They fall all over themselves to celebrate the emptiest suit in the country, because he looks good in swimming trunks --- a clear demonstration of his readiness to assume the office of President of the United States

Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?

Barack Hussein Obama may be a fine fellow for all I know, but his qualifications are unbearably light: 

One, he's a smooth talker;
Two, he's a Democrat of Color; and
Three, he has no track record. Zilch. Zero. Nada.
What a guy! In the year 2007, those are good enough reasons to set off weeks of Obamasms from our conehead media.

Where are the FDRs and Trumans on the Left?  Where are the JFKs and LBJs, who at least had some substance --- for all of their gigantic flaws?

Where's the gravitas?  We seem to live in an age of lightweight leftists, at least of the male variety.

Compared to JFK, who was a real war hero, John Kerry's macho act was just pathetic. Al Gore is nothing but a blowhard, and John Edwards makes Obama look like a Deep Thinker. Where's the substance?

Hillary may have the best qualifications of all of them, with eight years of actual White House experience, crushing bimbo eruptions. You can't pay for hands-on training like that.

Where's Art Buchwald when we need him?

We have the most irresponsible media in our history. The best thing they have done so far is to start firing people. But they have a long, long way to go before sanity dawns.

Meanwhile the country is teetering on the brink. The new buzzword for the Left is "vulture politics." The Democrats are waiting for Iraq to fail, so they can pick over the pieces.

Bring on Obama!

James Lewis is the nom de plume of an academic scientist. He blogs at

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