The Right Stuff

I had a note from an old friend the other night. He's got a new job and has to move on for a while.  We've known each other for years and, due to job requirements, only recently have we been able to get together on a regular basis - usually an informal lunch at his office -- to discuss military affairs, politics, personalities, literature and the challenges history poses for civilization.  It sounds heavier than it really is as the conversations are generally casual and inquisitive.  But my friend has found himself thrust forward again.  His name is Lieutenant General Dave Petraeus and he's just been nominated for his fourth star and asked to take over operations in Iraq.  It will be his third tour there - each time with greater responsibility and with a wider impact.  It's not an easy job.  Some might even term it thankless. But, if anyone is ready for it Dave is that man.When last we met over pastrami sandwiches and coffee the subject turned...(Read Full Article)