Paradise Lost; Why the Left Loves Muhammad

"For who can yet believe, though after loss, that all these puissant legions, whose exile hath emptied Heaven, shall fail to reascend Self-raised, and repossess their native seat?"John MiltonParadise LostBook one, verses 631-634Conservatives seem baffled by the animosity held by liberals towards Christians and Jews.  Christianity requires the believer submit to authority, accept the rule of government, be charitable to his fellow; in short, be a model citizen.  Ditto the Jews, who held these requirements even longer than the Christians.  Why are liberals so hostile to both? For that matter, why do liberals seem so smitten with that 7th century holdover known as Islam?  Why do those on the Left seem less than eager to defend our freedom and way of life from the ravages of Islamic Jihad?To understand this, it is necessary to examine the intellectual underpinnings of modern Liberal thought. We must begin with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Godfather of modern...(Read Full Article)