Europe's End: Not with Bang but a Whimper

Mark Steyn's recent best seller, America Alone is a gloomy book on Europe's future.  By Europe, Mr. Steyn means primarily what Donald Rumsfeld once referred to contemptuously as "Old Europe."  In a variation of the prime cliché of the 1992 Clinton campaign, Mr. Steyn's chief premise is that "It's the demographics, stupid."  He cites in great and grave detail the comparison of the plummeting European birth rate and the prodigious birth rate of Muslims who now live in Europe.  In some parts of Europe "Mohammad" is among the most popular names for newborns.In addition to the declining European demographics, Mr. Steyn focuses on the evolution of both European attitudes and policies.  He notes that there is the unsustainable, all-encompassing welfare state that has stifled individual initiative and a sense of personal and familial responsibility.  There is the European refusal to support a serious military capacity. ...(Read Full Article)