Open Letter to Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich recently began a series of Fox TV News Specials to address compelling public policy issues with "Why Does College Cost So Much and Is It Worth It?"   The program scored higher than expected ratings - outperforming a CNN special on Osama bin Laden that ran at the same time - and was subsequently re-run.   Gingrich solicited audience response.  With college admissions deadlines approaching and Gingrich laying the groundwork to be selected the GOP presidential candidate in 2008, an objective review is merited.  Here is the response of Velma Montoya, an economist who writes about higher education.  TO:  Newt Gingrich newtspecials@foxnews.comDear Newt Gingrich:Your recent Fox special "Why Does College Cost So Much and Is It Worth It?" added more confusion than light. Dueling Economists   You first presented an economist who complained that college costs are too high.   A second economist, a Nobel...(Read Full Article)