How to Think About the War

Whether we are winning or losing in Iraq is open to debate, but it's clear that our national conversation about the war has begun to fail. Today our elected leaders, our most influential commentators, and even ordinary Americans chatting among themselves at work or at their dinner tables, have begun to repeat their lines like wind-up dolls.  All of them, and all of us, are saying the same things over and over again; what started as a conversation has become a shouting match.  And when everyone is on "transmit" - but never on "receive" - we cannot hear and so we cannot learn.  And if we cannot learn, we've stopped thinking.We need to start all over again to think about the war, and we mustn't be afraid.  After all, we do this with our computers all the time.  When a program begins to fail - and they always do because even the simplest program is comprised of complex files that over time become damaged or corrupted -- and when re-booting once...(Read Full Article)