Anointing Barack

The latest excuse for the media to publish hagiographic photos suggesting a place on Mount Rushmore, inaccurately apply adjectives like "moderate," "centrist" and "non-ideological," and otherwise indulge its embarrassing schoolgirl crush on Barack Obama was his December 10, 2006 trip to New Hampshire. The New York Times writes about his "message of hope."  The New York Daily News  said he "took New Hampshire by storm," and writes of people who came to see him "leaving with their eyes shining." The Los Angeles Times headline says it all:  "Crowds Adore Obama." (Just like the LAT editors) Let's not leave out Sen. Obama's hometown paper, the Chicago Tribune. Things haven't been going well for the Trib  for the last few years, and is it any wonder? Other than the brilliant and talented John Kass, this rag has had very little to recommend itself for years. With its December 6, 2006 editorial,...(Read Full Article)