A Tale of Two Ex-Presidents

Gerald Ford's death has brought back into the news for a few days a lot of  political history that roughly half of all living Americans were born too late to experience. Watergate, Richard Nixon's resignation, the collapse of the South Vietnamese government and the evacuation of the American soldiers and officials, Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon, the Reagan challenge to Ford in the 1976 primaries, are but a few of the stories being replayed on the cable news programs. For the most part, since 1980 we have heard little of Gerald Ford. He lived his life quietly and graciously, out of the headlines. He joined a few corporate boards, gave some well paid speeches (though at minimum wage rates compared to what later ex-presidents are now commanding), skied and played golf, and enjoyed the company of family and friends. What virtually  everyone recalls about Ford, is that he was a modest man, a quintessential Midwesterner. Ford made a point of largely staying  clear...(Read Full Article)