Will a Democrat Win Change Our Relationship with Israel?

On Wednesday, AIPAC, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, released a statement on the impact of a change in control in the Congress on the US Israel relationship. The statement reads as follows: 'In recent weeks, some have suggested that it is better for Israel if one party or another is in control of the House or Senate. 'AIPAC believes that strong bipartisan support for Israel exists in both parties and, regardless of who is in control, that support will remain steadfast. 'AIPAC works closely with leaders on both sides of the aisle, each deeply committed to strengthening the bonds between the United States and Israel. No matter who wins the upcoming elections, AIPAC is confident that Congress will continue to support a strong Israel and a strong relationship between the United States and its most reliable ally in the Middle East.' The statement, in and of itself, is hardly extraordinary. AIPAC does not endorse candidates, does not contribute to campaigns, and tries to...(Read Full Article)