The World According to Jimmy Carter

A review of Jimmy Carter, Palestine:Peace Not Apartheid (Simon & Schuster, November 2006)It is not difficult to understand why Democrats wanted the publication of Jimmy Carter's slim new book (216 pages of text, large print and no footnotes), with its tendentious title and its superficial analysis, delayed until today, a week after the election.  The anti—Israel bias is so clear, the credulous description of Arab positions so cringe—producing, the key 'facts' on which Carter relies so easily refuted by public documents, that the book is an embarrassment to Carter, the Democrats, the presidency and Americans.It is hard to decide which is more discomforting —— what Carter put in or what he left out.  Let's start with his own words, and let him speak for himself, and then note what no knowledgeable observer of the Middle East could have ingenuously omitted.Carter says he paid his first visit to Israel in June 1973 (when he was privately 'planning a...(Read Full Article)