Revisiting (and Reliving) 1938

“It is 1938; Iran is Germany; and it is racing to acquire nuclear weapons.” Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly punctuated his speech in Los Angeles earlier this month with that sentence.  It was an effective rhetorical device, conveying both a sense of threat and a sense of urgency.But 1938 may be relevant in more ways than as a rhetorical device.  Revisiting that year, through Winston Churchill’s compelling account in “The Gathering Storm,” is an instructive exercise, and one the Iraq Study Group might consider as it completes its deliberations. * * *February 20, 1938:  Churchill spent the entire night without sleep, “consumed by emotions of sorrow and fear” -- the only time he went sleepless even after he became Prime Minister.  He had received a call late that evening informing him that Anthony Eden had resigned as Foreign Secretary.  Eden, who shared Churchill’s views about Germany and Italy, had found...(Read Full Article)