Intentional Election, Unintended Consequences

In politics, it seems like nothing goes the way the experts thought it would. Conventional wisdom had it that the Democrats would likely take over the House in the 2006 mid—term elections, but the Republicans would retain a majority—albeit reduced—in the Senate. Such was not the case, however. The Democrats surprised the pre—election predictions and won the Senate as well. A narrow 51—49 win, perhaps, but a win nonetheless. The committee chairmanships, scheduling of votes and the legislative agenda now belongs to the Democrats. Washington is a changed town. Nancy Pelosi has promised that her 'first 100 hours' as Speaker would be busy: She'd push for the immediate implementation of all of the 9—11 Commission's recommendations, introduce legislation to raise the minimum wage to $7.25/hour from the current $5.15/hour, slash the interest rates on Federal Student Loans in half, push for the Government to negotiate directly with the major pharmaceutical...(Read Full Article)