Democrats' Bait and Switch Election Strategy

In 1992, Bill Clinton campaigned for president by promising tax cuts for the middle class. Fourteen years later, his Party ran on a similar "tell the people exactly what they want to hear" motif, this time the mantra being a speedy withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Though separated by almost a decade and a half, these campaign strategies were quite similar to a now illegal marketing scheme called a bait and switch - whereby a company advertises a product for sale at a cheap price to lure in customers. Unfortunately, the organization's retail outlets don't actually have the item in stock forcing anxious shoppers to consider more expensive products that are available. I Dig a Phony Much like this advertising scam, the 1992 and 2006 political campaigns had three things in common: They were hugely successful in garnering enough votes to assure victory They offered promises that weren't remotely meant to be kept Their pledges would be rescinded before those newly...(Read Full Article)