YouTube, Google, and the Liberal Bias Virus

Five months ago, the Internet's top search engine Google was accused of banning conservative websites from its news crawl. Last week, the e—behemoth offered to purchase YouTube, the preeminent provider of videos over the Web that has recently been implicated in censorship of its own. With their pending merger, serious questions arise about the future of the most powerful telecommunications medium on the landscape, and who if anyone is trying to control its content. As reported by American Thinker on May 22, Internet search king Google eliminated a number of conservative e—zines and blogs from its news crawl earlier this year. In all of the cases cited, the alleged offense was the dissemination of 'hate speech.' After closer examination, the tie between all the banished websites was the publishing of articles about radical Islam and its relation to international terrorism. Yet, sites that actually were more specifically involved in such activities — like Hezb'allah's...(Read Full Article)