The Real Story Behind the Niger Affair?

So what were Niger, those sixteen words, and Joe Wilson's outrage all about? They were connected to the 'Bush lied!' claim. Is the mystery of how the President came to claim Iraq was searching for uranium in Niger solved? I think I may have put together a reasonable account of how this all came about. I will explain and let the reader decide. Here is a review of the affair for those who haven't been keeping track. The central argument is whether or not Saddam Hussein tried to obtain uranium from Niger in the late 90's or so. The CIA/State Department sent Joe Wilson to Niger on a fact finding mission to substantiate intelligence that Saddam was doing so. Wilson then reported back what he thought was a report of a negative finding. Yet the White House pushed forward with the claim that Saddam was seeking uranium. Wilson subsequently launched a verbal attack on the White House as he considered his trip to have invalidated the Niger intelligence. Along the way, the President gave a...(Read Full Article)