The Europeanization of the Democratic Party

Ronald Reagan famous declaration that he 'did not leave the Democratic Party. It left me' can be made more contemporary. The Democratic Party has not only left behind many of its old principles and ideals, it now seems to be in the process of losing its moorings and leaving America entirely. We are witnessing the Europeanization of the Democratic Party, with potentially dire implications for one of the most reliable and loyal group of supporters of the Democratic Party: America's Jewish community. A few analysts have seen the continuing evolution of anti—Israel attitudes within the Democratic Party and have noted how it is increasingly taking on the characteristics of the anti—Israel bias that is pervasive in Europe.  A few noted liberal Democrats have expressed dismay about the increasing signs of anti—Semitism within the party. These include long time liberals such as Lanny Davis (President Clinton's counsel) and Martin Peretz (publisher of the liberal...(Read Full Article)