DePaul University's Moment of Truth

The new academic school year is well underway.  But there is one school in which this year will determine once and for all whether it will henceforth be considered to be a bona fide "university", or merely a make—pretend parody of one.    That institution is DePaul University.     This year will witness the most important decision in DePaul's entire history, ever since it was first founded by the Catholic "Vincentians". Over the next few months, DePaul will be deciding whether or not to grant Norman Finkelstein tenure on the basis of his "record".  The same university that fired Prof. Thomas Klocek for daring to defend Israel in a campus conversation outside the classroom is now seriously considering granting tenure to Finkelstein on the basis of his hate—filled pseudo—scholarly screeds.  At DePaul, Finkelstein serves as assistant professor of political science at DePaul, but scholarship is the last thing that...(Read Full Article)