Deconstructing the 'Niger Affair'

American Thinker contributor Roy Robison posits an alternative explanation to the negative finding of Joe Wilson's trip to Niger concerning a suspected uranium deal with Saddam Hussein.  What is surprising in his piece is that he seems to excuse Ambassador Munchhausen's fabricated intelligence mission by using the same myths and legends normally cited by the left and their antique media allies, while also speculating on the state of Saddam's mental health and his relationship with his sons.  It is time to get Saddam off the psycho—therapist's couch and talk about what we actually do know about this affair, and get back to objective reality about Wilson's phony secret agent junket to Niger. Robison says that the '...central argument is whether or not Saddam Hussein tried to obtain uranium from Niger in the late 90's or so; and that '...the President gave a State of the Union speech in which he uttered the sixteen words about the matter.' That is not the central...(Read Full Article)