CREWing Manny Miranda

CREW, the Soros—funded organization, wants to have it both ways on the sanctity of private emails and web material. Sometimes it is fine to disclose them. Other times not. Sometimes the content of these communications matters, other times the only important question is the process by which they became public. And of course, most of the press and some Republican saps buy into this nonsense. As attention is focused on CREW's role in the non—sexual / not—pedophilia / non—scandal of Mark Foley, it's worth revisiting that organization's role in the persecution of Manny Miranda, a former Senate Judiciary Committee aide. For once again, as we examine the matter we will see an all too familiar array of characteristics: close coordination between this 'non partisan' tax—exempt group and the Democratic Party; the Republicans' characteristically masochistic response to a foolish charge; CREW's targeting of a minority group member who dared to be a...(Read Full Article)