Barack Obama: The Visible Man

Senator Barack Obama is on the cover of Time this week, with a love song portrait composed by Joe Klein, who last lost his heart with Bill Clinton. Obama, who is not running for anything this year, was on Tim Russert's Meet the Press show Sunday to tell the world that he might not complete his Senate term and is now considering running for President in 2008, despite his earlier assurances on Russert's show and elsewhere, that he had no such plans. For those who have climbed Mount Everest, jumping from Illinois State Senator in 2004, (after having been badly beaten as a  Congressional candidate) to President in 4 years might be an even steeper ascent. Newsweek, not to be outdone, graces its cover with a picture of Democratic Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.  now running for the open senate seat being vacated by Bill Frist in  Tennessee. Newsweek tells us these Democrats (Ford, as an example) are 'not your daddy's Democrats'. Well, then, what of Republican Michael Steele...(Read Full Article)