When 88% is not good enough

In all the publicity about their attack on Senator Joe Lieberman, it has gone almost unnoticed that the far left has also targeted some members of the Black Caucus for their support of highly selective Bush administration policies. This support often came about only after hard negotiations to win administration support for programs to help people in their districts. Having lived in Chicago for two decades I find it almost unimaginable that former Black Panther Bobby Rush could be challenged from his left, but he was. Cong. Rush's vote for the energy bill upset the masters of the Internet's political universe and their followers, many of whom who seem as enthusiastic about enforcing left wing political dogma as the Saudi mutaween are about enforcing Sharia. Another Black Caucus member, Rep Wynn of Maryland, is also being challenged from the left because his record of voting 88% with the party was, to his great surprise, not considered good enough.  He had this to say to the...(Read Full Article)