Under the Media Radar: They Also Run

There are 435 Congressional districts, and in most election years, 5 to 10% of them have competitive races, almost always won by an incumbent.  In recent years, a much higher percentage of open seats have turned over between the parties, than seats where the existing Congressman or Congresswoman is running again. This year, the number of competitive seats is higher than average (perhaps 15%), and the potential for the defeat of a number of incumbents (particularly Republicans) seems substantially higher than in the last few cycles.  Approximately 90% of the Congressional races in 2004 saw the winner obtain at least 55% of the  vote in 2004.  With the GOP in a defensive posture for the November races, Republican challengers in districts with Democratic incumbents, are getting less attention than normal. This is particularly the case in districts where Democrats have had a big edge in recent elections. Nonetheless, the Republican challengers in these districts...(Read Full Article)