Dear Mr. Buckley

Dear Mr. Buckley: This open letter to you is the result of your essay published September 14th of this year and entitled, 'Is Victory Possible?' In this essay, you quite ably, as we have come to expect from you, describe President Bush as a man committed to defeating the extremists among the Muslim faithful. For you, the post—9—11 president who 'radiates singular American strengths when especially taxed' stands poised to take this war to our enemies and to fight it until we stand alone victorious. But having lavished such praise, you immediately retract it but not for the reason that the President has insisted on whimsically 'building democracy' among a people with an ideology acutely and chronically resistant to the ways of the West, but because the President has manufactured an 'ideological divide' where none exists. For you, the evil is human sin, a crime of which we are all capable. Permit me to allow you to speak in your own words: The key point is that this is not...(Read Full Article)