An Ancient Muslim Rage is on Display Again

There is no reason for surprise at the vehemence and violence of Islamic rage at the Pope's recent remarks. Islam recognizes no freedom of speech, nor even any freedom of conscience. Infidels should know better. The lessons of history are clear. As always, we ignore them at our peril. This Friday, September 22, 2006, votaries of Islam worldwide, defying the timeless wisdom of G.K. Chesterton, are preparing to 'ape an ancient rage' with organized demonstrations condemning Pope Benedict XVI's 9/12/06 remarks. In an earlier essay, I described at some length the historical context for the comments Pope Benedict made which have so inflamed both the Muslim leadership and masses. Benedict cited one of the later examples of a vigorous Muslim—Christian polemic that transpired for at least four centuries, during the 11th through 15th centuries. Specifically, the Pope alluded  to the late 14th century Byzantine ruler Manuel II Paleologus' statements on the uniquely Islamic institution...(Read Full Article)