What President Bush Should Do about Plamegate

The gentle whooshing sound audible throughout the Greater Beltway is the deflating hopes of assorted journalists, Bush haters, and Democrat officials whose fantasies of frog marches and impeachment hearings are now dead. Today, the Wall Street Journal excoriates Richard Armitage, Colin Powell, former Acting Attorney General James Comey and Patrick Fitzgerald in terms so strong they seem to have read my mind. The Journal recommends a presidential pardon for Scooter Libby. I would not go for a pardon, though. If I had the President's ear, here's what I'd advise him to do about  the conspiracy by at least four Presidential appointees, including two Cabinet officers, to conceal this critical information from the President despite his specific demand to know the source of the leak. As a preliminary step, assess the damage that was done to him and his credibility; the damage to the morale of CIA officers in the field (and perhaps troops as well) by allowing them to believe that people...(Read Full Article)