The Indian Nuclear Deal and Congress

Last week the Washington—based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) released a report containing satellite images of work underway at the Khushab nuclear complex in Pakistan's Punjab province. The report's authors concluded that Pakistan is expanding its plutonium production capacity several—fold in order to boost its supply of bomb—making materials. Alarm bells sounded throughout Washington. Typical was Rep. Ed Markey (D—Mass.), who warned, "if either India or Pakistan starts increasing its nuclear arsenal, the other side will respond in kind; and the Bush administration's proposed nuclear deal with India is making that much more likely." Hogwash. Both the ISIS report and the overwrought reactions to it are disingenuous. The Federation of American Scientists disclosed the existence of the Khushab site in 2000, and the site's purpose is equally well known. This has been public knowledge for a full six years. The critics hyping a new...(Read Full Article)