Storm Signals Mean Political Change

The good thing about 8/10 is that it was an inconvenience.  When the terror plot was foiled in London on August 10, 2006 many flights were canceled.  Tens of thousands stood in line to submit to new security procedures.  People missed flights.  Baggage got left behind.  But the show went on, and the great complex air transportation system that is the wonder of the age continued to transport people in their millions all over the world. In the US the federal government responded to the emergency with escalation plans that had been prepared and rehearsed in advance.  Its employees directed passenger traffic around the airports and the show went on.  If you are an Islamic terrorist that is not a good thing to hear. Five years ago, the bombers of 9/11 were able to rock the world back on its heels.  They were able to stop the air transportation system and dig a hole in the US economy.  That is not something that we can allow them to do...(Read Full Article)