Hezbollah Plays Oprah

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Hezb'allah is starting to spread the green around Southern Lebanon, offering $10,000 per family for rental assistance for a year, while clearing roads, helping reconstruct houses, feeding the returning residents and helping them with purchases of new furniture. Had we only known of their generosity and work ethic, we could have recruited them for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts a year ago. Maybe there is still time for the group to make a guest appearance in Spike Lee's new HBO miniseries on Katrina to offer advice on handling future catastrophes. Courtesy of Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes, we also learned this week that Iranian President Ahmadinejad is concerned about the 45 million Americans without health insurance and the two million behind bars. Who knew that we could get the same lessons on how to address our domestic problems from Iran's President and Nancy Pelosi? Hezb'allah, of course, does not print Lebanese currency...(Read Full Article)